Member Workshop: Canberra June 2015

By | October 25, 2016

Novotel Canberra – Saturday 6th June

Silvana and I attended your recent workshops, one in Canberra and the most recent one at Novotel Brighton Beach, Sydney. I suppose, over the 13years of our membership, we’ve attended, maybe, 5 or 6 of them. We are still learning and today we received a welcome call from Linda who was able to answer all the questions we had, that stemmed, from both these workshops. Steve is a very entertaining speaker and he taught us a lot.

Please, we must congratulate you and your team for such a wonderful afternoon and evening on Saturday. The band was excellent, we did our thing on the dance floor,  Sam made us all laugh, the catering staff looked after us all and how, on earth’s name did it happen – we won the door prize of the 5 night Agift holiday. it was unbelievable.

It was lovely to meet some of our club representatives over those two days. You’re a happy infectious team and you can be well satisfied on a job well done.

Much appreciated and warmest regards,

Silvan and Jim O.