Turtle Beach Resort Mermaid Beach wedding celebration

By | September 12, 2017

Our Turtle Beach Resort Mermaid Beach wedding celebration took nearly a year of preparation. As soon as the booking period of 12 months opened up, the arrangements were made in May 2016 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with our whole Australian family. This included 2 daughters and their offspring: 3 granddaughters and 5 grandsons, ranging in age from 26 years to 7 years. Also, this had to cover the question of geography: our oldest daughter lives in Queensland (Caboolture) while the youngest lives close to our home at the NSW Central Coast (San Remo).

So, the choice was made to spend a week in May 2017 at the Turtle Beach Resort at Mermaid Beach and then have a celebration dinner at the Mercure Gold Coast Resort at Palm Meadows on the actual day of our wedding (Saturday 20th May).

It turned out to be a celebration indeed. First of all, the 3 apartments booked at the Turtle Beach resort turned out to be just right. Sleeping accommodation was catered for by the 2 two-bedroom apartments for our daughters and a one-bedroom apartment for my wife and myself. Although the entertainment at the resort was highly appreciated by our youngest grandson (the 7 year old), especially the Splash Zone, the main attraction for the more adult family members was The Deck with enough choice in drinks and food to satisfy the most hungry (and thirsty).

It took a little while to get used to the maze of stairwells, paths and car parking, because all the rooms were spread out between stairwells 2, 5 and 12, until it was found that the easiest and quickest way from one room to another was via the car park.

The week flew by amidst visits to shopping centres (Robina Town Centre, Harbour Town, Pacific Fair, Surfers Paradise and so on) and an entertaining trip to Tamborine Mountain. As luck would have it, there was only one day of rain (and then only in the morning) while the remaining days made the Gold Coast live up to its reputation of sunshine and mild weather.

Then of course the highlight of the week: dinner at the Mercure Resort. The choice of food was excellent and catered for the tastes of everyone (including the 7 year old – hurray!). Even the drinks were greatly appreciated as per Australian tradition.

So, that was the week that was. The heaps of photo’s that were taken will remain in the family as a great memory of our 50th wedding anniversary, I’m sure.

Janine and Paul Wuyts – Members of the Accor Vacation Club since 2004.

Nov 2016 – Kerry B.